Mira Edwards
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January 01, 2005

Mira was my fifth child born and she was to be the last.  I had complications with all of my previous pregnancies but not with her,. not at all.  It was actually a pleasant pregnancy.  Hers was also the first childbirth where I decided to have an epidural.  Childbirth with no pain?!?  How wonderful an idea!  She looked so small to me,. she seemed even smaller than her youngest big sister,. who was born two months premature.  She was a doll.  She was the second child born in that hospital on the first day of the New Year and the third one born that day in our town.

Easter 2005
Our family has a tradition of going to my aunt's house in Henderson, Ky., which is about 3hrs. from where we live.  Mira slept most of the time we were there, but I'm so thankful we went and that she was there because practically everyone I love dearly was there and it was a very enjoyable day.
May 2005
My husband and I have been married nearly nine years, and although we are usually able to travel to North Carolina to see his family once a year,. we were not able to take an actual VACATION tilll this past May.  We went to Carolina Beach, NC for a week and we loved it.  When you lose some one you love you think back to all your cherished memories and it was not hard to remember those at the beach house.  It was also the first and sadly the last time my husbands' family got to see our newest addition, sweet Mira Lee.  I do regret not having taken her down to the beach ( I was concerned about her getting burned) but nonetheless, so glad we had that time.
4th of July

Growing up in North Carolina, I really enjoyed going to Ft. Bragg's fireworks display, it was the best!  I was annoyed once I moved here because the biggest fireworks display held at the corvette museum, costs money!!  I couldn't believe they charged!  Well, this past year we decided to attend a smaller event at the University here and it was so nice.  The weather was mild and we got there early enough to find a great spot to picnic on.  Mira was a pleasant baby, and she seemed to be enjoying herself but unfortunately by the time the fireworks show rolled around,. she was asleep.  She woke slightly at the first bang but quickly resumed her nap.  Her youngest big sister who was about 18 mos old at the time did not at all enjoy the show,. she was scared to death.  Its too bad it was one of those times we forgot the camera. (DOH!)

Passed away on July 22, 2005 .
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