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Today's your angel day,. and I forgot.  / Mira's Mommy
I'd try to explain if I could but you know I can't
Yet silence seems insufficient as well
I'll try to tell myself its okay because,..
But we know its not okay.

I'd say you know I love you 
And you know I do,.
But right now even that doesn't seem right

If you were here I'd kiss your forehead
But your not here.

I love you Mira Lee,. I love you.
So Very Sorry for Your Loss  / Melissa Eiler (Visitor~Daughter of Irwin & Renee Eiler )

Hey there  / Mira's Mommy
Dear Mira,
Hey sweety, I know its been a while, but I think of you every day.  I'm so glad you come see me in my dreams,. but I wish I could see your face more often, even if it leaves me feeling sad.  How I miss your beautiful, big, brown eyes, starting into mine.  You were such a sweet baby, and I wish I had cherished you more,. every moment, or at least, more moments.  I sure do you wish lil Buddha,. the light you brought to my life is forever gone,.but never the love we have for you.
Happy Easter  / Mira's Mommy
Happy Easter sunshine!!  I can only imagine how it must be celebrated in Heaven.  I love you and thought of you often through out the day, apparently so did everyone else b/c they gave me a gift just for you.  I'm sure you've seen you and Isaiah's headstones are finally here and the family that loves you so helped mommy and daddy to pay for them.  I love you sunshine, and hold you close to my heart always.
"HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY"  / Johnette Moninger (Angel Friend )

"Happy Valentine's Day"

May Their Memories Of You
Warm Their Hearts.



I understand & know your pain  / Tammy Blackmon (none)
There are no words to help ease the pain. Please just know that I know the pain.  I also wanted to let you know that I agree with your quest to get make people more aware.  If there is anything you would like me to help with I would like to try.  There are  so many mis conceptions about sids.  I do not want my Jarrett to be forgotten I would like to get involved. 

Tammy Blackmon.  Be blessed. 
In my Dreams,.  / Mira's Mommy   Read >>
In my Dreams,.  / Mira's Mommy
Dear Mira,  Thank you for coming to see me in dreams last night.  Even though I was sad,.It felt so good to hold you in my arms again, and see your big, bright smile.  I wish I could see you in Heaven for just  a few minutes,. I know that I would mourn for you no more.  Your baby sibling is growing in my tummy every day and I can feel him/her moving now often.  This Monday hopefully we will find out whether the baby is a boy or girl.  I love you so much Mira, and I will always hold you close in my heart,. You will always be a special member of our family.  Love you sweety, MOm. Close
Hey Sweety  / Mira's Mommy   Read >>
Hey Sweety  / Mira's Mommy
Hey sweety, mommy's been thinking about you so much.  Today I went to get your and Isaiah's headstone plans finalized.  I'm sorry it has taken me so long to do it - and wish I had a good excuse, but I don't.  Well, its done now and it felt good going over everything.  I love you sunshine, visit me in my dreams. Close
Happy Birthday  / Mira's Mommy   Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Mira's Mommy

Happy Birthday Sunshine.  Not a day goes by that I don't wish you were here with us, and I wonder what you would like now - would you have grown your hair out much? Would it be curly now?  What would your first word be?  How would you and the kids interact?  I miss you so much my lil budda baby, I know your having a great time in heaven, and I can't wait to see you there one day, but don't forget to come see me in my dreams in the meantime.  I love you so much Sunshine, Happy Birthday.

"MERRY CHRISTMAS"  / Johnette Moninger (Friend)  Read >>
"MERRY CHRISTMAS"  / Johnette Moninger (Friend)

A brief moment of darkness
was all that I knew,
before Heaven's Gate
came into my view.
Loved ones and friends
I had missed for many years,
welcomed me with open arms
and many happy tears.
All the hurt, fear, and pain
that I have ever known,
is gone from my life,
I am finally home.
I gazed upon the Lord's
sweet smiling face,
and for the first time in my life
I knew and felt His grace.
I know that you miss me,
but please dry your eyes.
I will always be watching and loving you
from my new home in the sky.
A cool breeze on your face,
a touch of light rain,
I will send as a reminder
that we will be united again.
Life on earth is but one
brief moment in time,
I am finally home,
Eternity is mine. 

Wishing you and yours
a very



Have fun decorating Heaven xx  / Natalie &. Nick (Madison's Mummy &. Daddy) (Friends)  Read >>
Have fun decorating Heaven xx  / Natalie &. Nick (Madison's Mummy &. Daddy) (Friends)

Hello sweetie,
Hope you're having lots of fun decorating Heaven with shiny baubles and tinsel ready for Christmas.  Have you wrote your letter to Santa?  Have you been a good girl?  
It's very cold and windy here Mira we hope the sun is shining where you are sweetheart.
Stay close to your loving family they love you so much.
Take Care and always be happy. 

Have fun on Halloween Mira x  / Natalie &. Nick (Madison's Mummy &. Daddy) (Friends)  Read >>
Have fun on Halloween Mira x  / Natalie &. Nick (Madison's Mummy &. Daddy) (Friends)

Hope you have LOTS of fun with Maddie and all the angels in Heaven.  
Enjoy going trick or treating.

Beautiful Angel Mira xx  / Natalie &. Nick (Madison's Mummy &. Daddy) (Friends)  Read >>
Beautiful Angel Mira xx  / Natalie &. Nick (Madison's Mummy &. Daddy) (Friends)

Dear Mira,  
Just wanted to stop by and tell you that you and your very special family are always in our thoughts.  
Hope you and Maddie have become good friends in Heaven and are having LOTS of fun bouncing on the clouds together!  
Watch over your family precious angel they miss and love you so very much.  
Sending BIG kisses to you Sweetheart and sending our love to your family.  
Take Care Mira, always be happy.  
x x x x x x x x x

Heart Break  / Mira's Mommy   Read >>
Heart Break  / Mira's Mommy

My dearest Mira Lee, I miss you so much.  I think of you everyday, and long for you.  It's difficult to know that regardless of how many years go by,.regardless of whether I have another baby or not, regardless of how happy we are as a family, we will never be complete.  Every special day, and even normal days when it comes to mind, we will feel the missing piece; Mira Lee.
I remember when I found out I was pregnant with India; Daddy and I wondered how we would fit some one else in.  We could not imagine another child.  Eli, Alisha and Faith seemed to completely round out our family.  Of course I wanted another baby, but it had been three years since I had Faith, and we just wondered how things would work out.  After a difficult pregnancy and an early delivery, Indy made it clear that not only would she fit herself in,. but she would dominate.  And then, quite by suprise, I found out you were intending on joining in as well.  I know its not pc to say, but I did not want you.  I did not want another baby.  Me and Daddy's marriage had taken quite a blow recently, and I did not want to add another baby to the mix.  For the first time in my christian life,. I considered options I never had before.   As painful as it was to lose you, I'm so greatful, that despite my willingness, my options were limited to what I should've decided on in the first place.  I'm so blessed, that God only gave me one option - to have and keep you.  Mira, if you only knew, what a blessing to me you were, if I could some how know that you knew,. I don't think I could carry any guilt now.  It gives me a little comfort, knowing you were loved and treated well, but if I could see, that you knew, what a blessing you were to me and this family, I wouldn't hurt so bad when I think of your short time with us.  I couldn't describe it even if you could understand every word.  You were more than just my beautiful baby, you were my friend, my rock, my anchor.  You could look at me,. and wipe my petty cares aside.  You let me know with not a word, that there were much bigger things in life,. and reminded me of God's promise; "this too, shall pass"  You overwhelmed me with peace, when I needed it most.  Such a short time with us, to give us a lifetime of hope, understanding, patience, and even loss, sorrow, and regret.  What I would give, to watch you grow, what I would give,. to see your personality, impress itself into our crazy family.  Forever our portraits will be incomplete, forever, our family will be incomplete.  I love you so much dear Mira Lee,.please visit me in my dreams. 

One Year  / Mira's Mommy   Read >>
One Year  / Mira's Mommy
It's coming up, a year from the day
That God saw fit, to take you away
And as time passes, the pain seems to grow
In ways that only you,me, and daddy can know
I try to name it, but don't know why
A loss so futile, I can't even cry
A question unanswered, not for me to know
I pray as time passes, I manage to grow
Sometimes I feel as though I'm yelling in the wind
Sometimes the echoes don't subside,
Before I start again
Sometimes I want to yell -
This family is not complete!!
There is one more in my brood
With an expression so neat
I wish at least everyone saw her as angel floating near
So the picture of our family 
Would be very clear,
Four,Five, Me and Daddy make seven
But your not here, instead, in Heaven.
I try to rejoice in knowing,
But there's no celebration here
i just want you back
So our picture would be clear.
MY CONDOLENCES  / Rose   Read >>
Hello I was passing by and seen Mira site what a beauitful baby girl 
she is the rays from the sun ,she the brightes star on the darkest night I know ny son Leo will hug her tight ,Leo passed away 3mts ago and he loved children I have a special child I care for and Leo loved her so much our son was sixteen and was playing a very dangerous game that took his life,I want to say how  sorry I am about the loss of Mira the pain a parent feel is beyond words
Mira Lee is a special angel in the heavens above were is only a land of love 
rainbows,waterfalls,rivers and streams and it a beauitful place to be so sweet Mira Lee send your parents dreams of love from this valley in the heaven about along with all your love. Close
Missing you still  / Mira's Mommy   Read >>
Missing you still  / Mira's Mommy
I love you Mira, miss you so much.  Send me kisses from Heaven and come see me in my dreams. Close
Missing you, always  / Mira's Mommy   Read >>
Missing you, always  / Mira's Mommy

My dear sweet Mira Lee.  Sometimes,. I actually forget how very beautiful you were.  Sometimes, I push away thoughts of how much I miss you, and what a loss I bare.  How I wish I could gaze into those beautiful, big brown eyes again, and marvel at your wisdom.  I knew that you were special Mira, I just failed to treat you that way.  I'm so very sorry for that.  I know you forgive me for it, and I know the Lord forgives me for it,. so I pray the Lord gives me the grace to forgive myself.  I pray to the Lord, that I may rejoice in your presence in Heaven.  I pray that I embrace my time here on earth, so that when I see you again, sweet Mira Lee,. it will have been a blink of the eye.  I love you, sweet, dear Mira Lee, I miss you terribly and wish you were here with us, but I will pray that I find peace, in your ultimate happiness.  Mira, please visit me in my dreams often.

"HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY MIRA"  / Johnette Moninger (Friend)  Read >>
Missing you  / Mira's Mommy   Read >>
Missing you  / Mira's Mommy
Words can not explain how much I miss you, and the hopelessness that goes along with that.  I know I can go on, day to day, I know I can experience happiness, and even joy.  I know that we will be a happy, healthy family, but no matter what I do,. no matter how well I handle my grief or help the kids deal with their grief, I just want you back.  You would have been a year old today, and I wish I could see you, how you would have grown, how you would act now.  You were just such a sweet, unique baby.  You loved mommy and daddy so much.  I wish more than anything else,. I could go back to that day,; and some how change the fact that you went to sleep, and never woke up.  I pray you went in peace my little one,.I pray you knew no pain, and that all you knew was you went to sleep in bed, and woke in heaven.  Please send some kisses down, and help mommy see the bigger picture in life.  I love you, my sweet little angel, and miss you terribly.
Love, Mommy
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