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"ANGEL" / Johnette Moninger (Friend)

You Are An Angel To Me..., Religious Angels Greeting Cards

happy mothers day  / Selma Flynn
Sweet Mira Lee  / Mira's Mommy
Dear Mira,
I'm sorry for every moment you were on this earth that I did anything but love and appreciate you for the beautiful, unique, loving angel that you were.  I would truly trade anything to have those moments back.  I know that I can not change the fact that your life was too short, I wish I could change the person I was, when I had you with me.  I love you.
I'm so very sorry for your loss  / Mandy West (Another angel's Mommy )
Your little baby girl is a precious beautiful lil'angel. I am the mommy of Celie Ameria West-Burnett. Lil' C'C was born on May 20th2005 and passed on July 6th2005. Mira and Celie I'm sure are best of friends in heaven just waiting patiently to see their Mommy's and Daddy's again. I'm here for you ALWAYS. If you EVER need to talk I'm here ANYtime! Your Mira is precios, I feel your pain. Your in my love and prayers.

Easter / Mira's Mommy

Mira, I know this letter is belated, and I don't have an excuse.  Easter was definetely not the same this year, daddy could not get off of work and you were not there.  I thought it would be difficult seeing Sydney since you two were about the same age, but she did not really remind me of you at all.  Parker did though, I held him for a little while and he pulled at my hair and face just like you used to.  I can't say I had a bad time, it was nice being with family in Henderson, but it was nothing like last year.  I thought of you thru out the day, and wished you were wobbling around smiling like Sydney, with everyone telling me how adorable you were, but I also felt guilty, like I didn't miss you enough.  You know my love Mira, I don't know who makes me feel so inadequate, I guess just myself.  I love you sweety, I know everyday in Heaven is a celebration for you, peek in on us every now and then and send down some party favors.  Love you sunshine,

Missing you  / Mira's Mommy   Read >>
Missing you  / Mira's Mommy
My dear, sweet Mira, I am missing you so much.  I wish I could know just a millisecond, the joy you feel right now in Heaven.  Mommy misses you so much, and I really need to see your bright, big smile.  I pray the days aren't too long till I hold you again.  Please come see me in my dreams tonight.  I love you. Close
"HAPPY EASTER MIRA"  / Johnette-Angels-Jose-phDesRochers,ColtPen-ny,T Meister,MadisonFoell-,MaryBates,MariahSco-tt (Friend)  Read >>
"HAPPY EASTER MIRA"  / Johnette-Angels-Jose-phDesRochers,ColtPen-ny,T Meister,MadisonFoell-,MaryBates,MariahSco-tt (Friend)

Easter02a        Easter02v         Easter02a

May Easter's gentle promise

of hope and rebirth

fill your heart 

with wonder and joy.



Seek,_And_Ye_Shall_Find... Close
Happy Easter! Always in my thoughts!  / Eva Bates (ANGEL MOM&FRIENDe )  Read >>
Happy Easter! Always in my thoughts!  / Eva Bates (ANGEL MOM&FRIENDe )
Happy Easter Mira x  / Natalie &. Nick (Madison's Mummy &. Daddy) (Friends)  Read >>
Happy Easter Mira x  / Natalie &. Nick (Madison's Mummy &. Daddy) (Friends)

Hope you get lots of Easter eggs sweetie x

Happy Easter Sweet Mira  / Amanda Drummond (friend/mommy to an Angel Preston )  Read >>
Happy Easter Sweet Mira  / Amanda Drummond (friend/mommy to an Angel Preston )

~Happy Easter Mira~

Take care. Huge Hugs
Amanda mommy to Angel Preston

Forever / Mira's Mommy   Read >>
Forever / Mira's Mommy

Not a whisper, not a murmur, not a thought, not a prayer
Not a new friend, not an old friend, not a foe
Not a smile, not a high, not a frown, not a cry
Not even deaths hand, will ever know

How sweet your smile,. how soft your touch
How elated, was your laugh
And with every triumph, every loss
I'll always long for the past

Not just a moment, not just a picture
Not just a missed chance
Just your lifetime, can repay
This debt thats come,. to pass

I feel you shadow, throughout my days
Your soft kisses, long thru the night
And though these moments, make me happy
Nothing makes it right.

I'll hold you here, so close to me
So close I can hardly bear
So close may you never leave me
In happiness, in sadness, in care

What may I give you,
So you'd understand,
Why I took her away?
Give her back to me,. and give us forever
Thats just what I'd say.



Anything / Mira's Mommy   Read >>
Anything / Mira's Mommy

Last night I cried for you Mira,. I love you and miss you so much.  I would give anything, anything Mira,. to have you back, to do it all over.  I love you.

Thinking of you x  / Natalie &. Nick (Madison 's Mummy &. Daddy)   Read >>
Thinking of you x  / Natalie &. Nick (Madison 's Mummy &. Daddy)

Hi Mira,
Hope your having LOTS of fun in Heaven with all your angels friends Sweetheart.
You and your family are always in our thoughts.
Take Care

"HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY MIRA"  / Johnette Moninger Angels-Mary Bates, Madison Foell, Colt Penny (Friend)  Read >>
"HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY MIRA"  / Johnette Moninger Angels-Mary Bates, Madison Foell, Colt Penny (Friend)

With Warmest

Thoughts And Wishes

For A Very Happy

Saint Patrick's Day

BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!  / Marta D. (Khalil's Mom )  Read >>
BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!  / Marta D. (Khalil's Mom )
What a beautiful baby!!!  I know that Khalil and Mira are watching over us.... Our little angels!!!  Thank you for signing Khalil's page....  I am interested in raising SIDS awareness....  What do you have in mind... Ready to roll up my sleeves to keep other families from going through what we are going through....

Marta--Khalil's Mom
Khalil Omari
Angel On Earth 11/3/04
Angel In Heaven 1/4/05
Mira / Mira's Mommy   Read >>
Mira / Mira's Mommy
Dear Sweet Mira Lee,
How I love you so, and miss you.  Sometimes I think I will some how conquer this pain, and be such a better person for it.  I'm not sure right now.  I just want you back.  Losing you not only called to my attention what a bad mom I am,. it showed me I have even less friends than I thought I did, and I'm even more antisocial.  I don't know, maybe I shouldn't write you when I'm feeling so down.  I love you Sweet Mira, I know you won't give up on me.  Please,.. Please,. Please,. come see me in my dreams. I love you so much. Close
Beauty / MIra's Mommy   Read >>
Beauty / MIra's Mommy
How beautiful, can beauty be?
How happy, is bliss?
How much can you mean to me?
When we'll never 'gain kiss?
Never 'gain touch,
Never 'gain see,
How can you mean so much to me?

So long with out you,
Before you came
So brief your time here
We barely got used to saying your name
And I never got used your tears.

Sweet Little Sunshine,
Sweet Mira Lee,
Please just take this pain from me
Lord, Let her come back and I'll see
Just how beautiful
Beauty Can be
Mira x  / Natalie &. Nick (Madison's Mummy &. Daddy)   Read >>
Mira x  / Natalie &. Nick (Madison's Mummy &. Daddy)

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