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Not In Vain  
As of right now, Mira's legacy, or what I want her legacy to be is in the "I'm gonna do it" stage.  As stated in her story,. this tragedy has brought to my attention the lack of support and information available for other families who have lost a child,. at least in this area.  My intent is to contact hospital administrators here in my city to find out locally how often an infants death is attributed to SIDS so that I may type up an information packet for those families.  I would also like have keepsake kits that are either donated or that I buy myself can be in place for these situations.  My idea is a clay-type kit that I saw at Walmart, where you can make an imprint of the childs hand and/or foot, and then take it home and bake it.  After Mira died,. I read on sidfamilies where some other mothers had something similiar done, and I requested the funeral home do it but they could not because of her state at that time.  I know that some mothers also later regretted not having gotten a lock of hair.  There are many things that obviously you can not be prepared for when you lose a child, but I hope to at least ease some of the burden by offering these services and information that was not available to me when my Mira died.  I was questioned by a social worker that morning,. and my children were questioned the next day,.but never was I offered services for counseling or therapy.  This is a travesty and I hope that I get off my butt and start a movement that will change the state of affairs, at least locally, for families who unfortunately will surely face the same terrible situation that we did in the early hours of July 22nd, 2005.  I will update regularly on this page so that you may follow my quest. 
Thank you to everyone who visits Mira's page,. lights a candle for her,. and sends prayers and support to our family,. we are all extremely grateful.

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